Special Pricing For Non-Insured and Self-Pay Patients in Portland, OR

Here are the list of insurances accepted at Naturopathic Gastro! Call us for more information or schedule an appointment online!

Insurance Accepted at Naturopathic Gastro in Portland, OR
Insurance Accepted at Naturopathic Gastro in Portland, OR
  • Aetna
  • Bluecross Blueshield
  • Cigna
  • First Choice
  • Healthnet/American Specialty Health
  • Moda
  • Pacific source
  • Providence
  • United Healthcare

It is always useful to make sure I am in-network. Click on the link for your insurance, and you can check what my network status is.

Codes that Dr. Gurevich bills for her visits.

Dr. Gurevich will generally bill an office visit or an Evaluation and Management Code. This code will depend on if it is your initial or follow-up visit with Dr. Gurevich. The codes that she uses most often include:

Naturopathic medicine codes:

99204 for an initial visit and 99214 and 99213 for follow up visit.

These codes, however, only cover a small amount of time. A 99214 allows for 20 minutes of face to face time, and a 99213 allows for 15 minutes of face to face time. Dr. Gurevich will also often bill a 99354, which is called an extended visit code and allows for an additional 30 minutes of face to face time, which is used to provide counseling for you to help you fully understand and engage in your treatment plan. These codes will, at times, apply to your deductible.

Acupuncture codes

97810 and 97811 if she does not use electrical stimulation.

97813 and 97814 if she does use electrical stimulation.