IV Therapy

Many patients with inflammatory bowel disease and functional GI issues benefit from intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It is very common for patients with chronic GI issues to not be able to orally absorb their nutrients.  The IV route has a huge advantage over oral supplementation in those patients in particular. Absorption is 100% and serum concentrations can be reached that far exceed what is possible through oral supplementation. Poor digestion, poor diet, chronic disease, prescription drugs, exposure to toxins and advanced age can all contribute to vitamin/mineral depletion over time.  The IV administration of nutrients allows us to replenish the stores of your body which allows the body to work better.  Nutrients in the body act as enzymes and catalysts so that the billions of functions that occur every second can continue to occur.  If you are nutrient deficient your body can not function optimally. 



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