Nasal Specific Therapy Questions and Answers

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Nasal Specific Therapy Near Me in Portland, OR
Nasal Specific Therapy Near Me in Portland, OR

What is nasal specific therapy?

Nasal specific therapy is a naturopathic treatment offered by only a small number of doctors in the world. It has been shown to be effective to treat a number of conditions that are linked to the head and neck including chronic sinusitis, snoring, sleep apnea, TMJ disorder and deviated septum. It can also provide relief for fibromyalgia, ear infections, tinnitus and headaches. Nasal specific therapy works by adjusting the bones of the skull through the nasal passage to release pressure and allow for optimum function of the brain. Improper alignment of the skull can happen through concussions, head trauma or injuries sustained through the birth process. When the skull isn’t properly aligned, like other misalignments, the body compensates by changing the way we move. This is what can lead to headaches, breathing problems and other chronic pain issues. Realigning the bones in the skull improves the activity of the entire central nervous system, which will help restore the body’s balance.

What technique is used for nasal specific therapy?

Nasal specific therapy was first developed in the 1930s and is a naturopathic treatment with amazing results. The process involves adjusting the bones of the skull to bring them closer to the ideal head shape. When the head bones are in ideal position, the brain can fully expand with each breath and achieve optimum brain function. To adjust the bones of the skull, a small finger cot is lubricated and then inserted into the nasal passages, attached to a blood pressure bulb. Once everything is in place, the bulb is squeezed gently causing the cot to inflate. This will cause the cot to expand and apply pressure against the bones lining the nasal passages. As the finger cot is inflated, you will have to take in and hold a deep breath to allow the finger cot to work its way to the nasopharynx. The procedure is done in one nostril, with the other nostril being compressed to ensure air doesn’t escape.

What are the benefits of nasal specific therapy?

Nasal specific therapy has many benefits as the most successful form of cranial manipulation that has been practiced to date. It is safe for most potential patients as it is a non-surgical procedure performed quickly in a trained doctor’s office. In most cases, it is also pain free with only minor pressure felt in the nose and head during the procedure. Like any medical procedure there is the risk of side effects. With nasal specific therapy these tend to be mild and will resolve by themselves without need for medical interventions.

How does nasal specific therapy work?

Nasal specific therapy works by realigning the bones of the skull to their natural formation. What many people don’t realize is that the bones of the skull are not fused together and they will shift and fall out of alignment throughout life, starting at birth. Through the birthing process, the skull plates shift and may not fall exactly back into place as the baby grows into a child. The bones will further shift through injuries sustained to the head through falls, impacts sustained from playing sports and any other injuries to the head. Nasal therapy works by a trained doctor inserting a small inflatable device into the breathing passages while using their hands to press on the skull bones. The inflation presses out against the bones at the same time the doctor’s hands help to guide the bones to shift outward and cause them to unlock. After the bones have moved, they will continue shifting until properly realigned. With continuous therapy, the skull shape will start to normalize and surgery or medication won’t be required for treatment of conditions caused by misalignment of the skull.

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