Neural Therapy Questions and Answers

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Neural Therapy Near Me in Portland, OR
Neural Therapy Near Me in Portland, OR

What is neural therapy?

Neural therapy is a well-established form of medicine found in many Spanish and German speaking countries, although it isn’t yet widely used in the English-speaking medical world. Due to its limited use in English-speaking medicine, it can often be seen as an alternative medicine, although the scientific documentation of it is quite extensive. Neural therapy works by identifying and treating pain and illnesses that are caused by disturbances found in the body’s neurological control system. The disturbances are subtle and can be found throughout the body, often in an unrelated area of the body from where you are experiencing pain. By injecting a local anesthetic into scars, glands, trigger points, acupuncture points and other tissues, the disturbance is interrupted and the dysfunction causing the pain is corrected. This will help the autonomic nervous system to function properly again, bringing relief from pain.

How does neural therapy work?

While medical research continues to be done on neural therapy, so far it has been found that the autonomic nervous system is often the cause of pain. The autonomic nervous system can be disrupted by disturbances called interference fields, which can cause pain in unrelated areas of the body from where the original disturbance occurred. Pathologically damaged tissue makes up an interference field and causes dysfunction within the autonomic nervous system by acting as a stimulus. Neural therapy stops the interference field and corrects the dysfunction in the nervous system through an injection of a local anesthetic into a gland, scar, acupuncture point, trigger point or other affected tissues. The idea is that neural therapy works by increasing circulation to organs that have been injured such as the liver, kidneys or thyroid. Neural therapy helps the autonomic nervous system to function properly again. A properly functioning autonomic nervous system has been found to help many people find relief, and to even be cured, from their chronic pain.

What are the benefits of neural therapy?

The benefits of neural therapy are that it is a relatively safe alternative form of pain relief treatment that can be used in place of surgery or prolonged use of prescription medication. The local anesthetic used is widely available and has very little risk of an allergic reaction to most patients. It can prevent the patient from needing expensive surgery that requires hospitalization and overnight care, as well as potentially needing to take time off work. Patients can also avoid having to use prescription medications to treat pain. The injection is fairly quick and can be performed in a doctor’s office, without needing hospitalization. The injection will stop the interference field from causing dysfunction within the autonomic nervous system, and over the course of several treatments will reduce the pain. The number of treatments required will vary by patient but treatment options can be discussed with your doctor to determine if neural therapy is the best course of action for you.

How can neural therapy help with chronic pain?

Neural therapy can help treat chronic pain by finding the source of the pain, through the interference field, and treating it. In many cases, the pain a patient is feeling is caused by an old, unrelated scar in a completely different area of the body. Neural therapy stops the interference field from causing dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system and helps the system to function properly. When the autonomic nervous system functions properly, it will bring many people relief from their pain and can potentially cure patients from chronic pain. Several treatments of neural therapy may be required for patients to find relief, depending on their individual case. Always consult your doctor prior to starting a new treatment and together you can determine if neural therapy is the best option for treating your chronic pain.

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