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After over a decade of clinical practice, I have had many, many patients ask me "do I really need to buy my supplements through you/your clinic?" And while I understand this question and everyone's desire (including my own) to buy things at the most cost effective price, I offer this caveat: I recommend specific supplements for each individual after completing many hours of research on the company that is producing the product, on the product itself and overall ensuring that what you are purchasing is really going to be of the utmost benefit to you and the health journey you are on.


So while it is ultimately up to you to make a decision on whether to purchase the supplements recommended through me or not, I hope that this helps give you some more information to consider and a small piece of mind. 

For the ease of my patients I also have two different providers which you can purchase supplements online through and have shipped directly to you. Their links are below.

Click below to purchase your supplements through Fullscript.

Click below to purchase your supplements through Wellevate.



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