Patient Reviews for Naturopathic Gastro in Portland, OR

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Melanie S.

I’ve been working with Dr. Gurevich for over six years. I’d spent most of my life chasing health issues and dealing with acute illness through traditional medical treatment including lots of antibiotics. I thought digestive/abdominal pain and brain fog were a part of adult life. She’s helped me unravel every aspect of my health, from diet and sleep to hormones and mental health. Using everything from blood work and testing to teaching me how to listen to my body, I’ve learned how all my symptoms were connected. I have a much deeper understanding of my overall health and well-being and the things that I can do to feel stronger and more resilient. Today I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been, and Dr. Gurevich has everything to do with that. I’m incredibly grateful!

Travis B.

Dr. Gurevich is our family doctor. I am continually amazed at her commitment to improving our health, as well as her knowledge, attention to detail, and compassion. I recommend her to anyone and everyone seeking quality medical care.

Nancy T.

Dr. Gurevich has become my Ganesha (remover of obstacles). With her guidance, encouragement and hands-on work, she has helped me transform what had become my very broken body/mind/spirit into a thriving being! Constantly amazed at her overall knowledge of ways to assist the body in healing without negative side effects. Not only is she in the top 1% of any provider I have ever had the opportunity to work with but her referrals have become my lifeline for even greater healing of my overall self. What a blessing to have Dr. Gurevich and her amazing Kwan Yin practice available to us!

Hanna R.

As a physician, Dr. Gurevich brings a rare combination of qualities to her practice: professionalism, intelligence, experience, clinical acumen, highly attuned intuition, and honesty. She approached my case with unwavering commitment and a fierce sense of compassion and empathy and gave me hope that healing was possible. Dr. Gurevich accompanied me on an incredibly challenging health journey, supporting me through the daunting physical and emotional challenges of my illness, leading me through difficult decisions and ultimately guiding me into the process of healing as a whole person.

Lillian T.

I have been seeing Dr. Gurevich for at least eight years. During that time, she has literally improved not just my physical health, but my attitudes about my diet, exercise, and relationships. She is a patient and empathetic listener and diagnostician. The treatments she uses have cured me of several ailments and diseases. I can always count on her and can safely say I am feeling stronger and healthier because of her.

Katie S.

Dr. Gurevich is thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and caring. She has been my long-time ND and has helped me with many complex health issues. Working with her I was able to get my hypo-thyroid issues regulated, and my anxiety, depression, and stress levels manageable. She has helped me immensely using acupuncture for back and hip pain. I always feel genuinely cared for and listened to by her. She meets you where you are at and always offers up a plan for optimal wellness that is practical to follow.