About Dr. Curto

Functional Gastroenterologist in Portland, OR

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Dr. Jenny Curto

Dr. Jenny is serving as a resident with Dr. Ilana Gurevich and is trained in both Naturopathic and Classical Chinese medicine.

She believes well-being is finding yourself at home in your body, mind, and spirit; free from that which is averse to who you are. She recognizes that human connection and truly being heard are powerful tools for healing. In addition to taking the time to listen and ponder each story, Jenny will extensively research all available possibilities in order to create the optimal treatment for each individual case. She is committed to supporting her patients on their journey towards well-being by empowering them with knowledge and encouraging them to participate in their own recovery.

While Jenny has been trained in general medicine, she has a special interest in mental health, chronic illness, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrinology, pain management, and sleep disorders. She continues to seek additional training in medical disparities and recognizes that the health care industry often creates a space that is unwelcoming to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, body diverse, and neurodiverse individuals. Jenny acknowledges that no single training can give her the tools to overcome all disparities; she is committed to using resources at her disposal with her deep respect for each individual to work toward creating an inclusive and safe space for all her patients.

Alignment with who we are and our place in this world is integral to resting in wholeness. Both Naturopathic and Classical Chinese medicine can meet you wherever you are in time and space with modalities such as herbal therapy, acupuncture, pulse diagnosis, IV therapy, nutrition, exercise, pharmaceuticals, and other lifestyle modifications. Soft tissue work includes Yin Sotai, qigong tuina, and craniosacral therapy.

Whether it be foraging for herbs in the forest or finding unique board games, in her free time you’ll find Jenny off the beaten path. She is also passionate about creating delicious herbal beverages for her friends, nourishing her houseplants, and starting more books than she’ll ever finish.